DR Sales

DR Sales is the largest international distributor in Scandinavia, distributing an array of different, high quality programmes on a world wide basis. The programmes are produced by DR as well as by independent film companies and range within the genres of documentary, drama, children & youth and music & arts.

Latest news

The War Show and Venus are nominated for THE BEST NORDIC DOCUMENTARY at the Dragon Award Gala

The War Show has been awarded the MAIN AWARD at the 14th Festival International Signes de Nuit

Last Men in Aleppo selected for Sundance Film Festival 2017 in the World Documentary Competition

DR Awarded International Emmy for Outstanding Danish Television Dramas

Splitting Up Together is nominated in the category BEST COMEDY-DRAMA SERIES at C21’s International Drama Awards

Follow the Money II is nominated in the category BEST NON-ENGLISH DRAMA at C21’s International Drama Awards

Amazing reviews to Pervert Park – winner of the SPECIAL JURY AWARD FOR IMPACT at Sundance Film Festival 2015 – which opened in New York Friday May 20th

Pervert Park was awarded the special jury award for impact at Sundance Film Festival

DEMOCRATS achieved the audience award at Budapest International Documentary Festival