Worth Fighting For


A political thriller in which an assumed human rights demonstration against threats of international terrorism turns out to be a piece of political shenanigans.

Worth Fighting For

Worth Fighting For

Caroline Holmberg is a highly regarded arts reporter employed by a major daily newspaper. She is about to set off on a much-needed holiday with her husband when her editor phones about a job she just can’t refuse.

The newspaper wants to invite Iranian author, Sara Santanda, for a semi-official visit to Copenhagen – despite the fact that Santanda is the subject of a recently reconfirmed fatwah. Caroline knows Santanda personally and admires her. Is she prepared to be responsible for the visit, or would she rather leave it to a colleague?
Caroline becomes highly involved in planning events during Santanda’s stay when she clashes with the secret service in the shape of the young, ambitious, somewhat unorthodox Per Toftlund.

Caroline had the naïve idea that Santanda’s visit was conceived as a major assertion of the government’s position on human rights– to prove that government does not submit to threats of international terrorism. But she soon realizes that Santanda is actually being used as a strategic pawn in quite a different kind of political power play.

And when the secret service receives intelligence that a highly-trained Serb assassin has been hired to kill Santanda during her visit, Caroline finds herself in a terrible dilemma. Should she give in to the terrorist threats and cancel the visit, or go along with the Secret Service’s aggressive plan to thwart the terrorists.

Director Jacob Grønlykke
Producer Michael Bille Frandsen
Produced by DR in cooperation with Thura Film
Duration 3 x 49 min.
Year of Production 2001
Original Title Worth Fighting For