World in the Mirror


A beautiful series that explores the world of animals and cultures in different regions of the world.


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World in the Mirror

World in the Mirror

There is an unexplored world that only a few are aware of, and yet it is right there in front of our very eyes. It is the world of animals that live alongside us, whether they be wild or do-mestic, tamed or not. A kind of “World in the Mirror” which is reflected in the relationship be-tween the different cultures of mankind and species of animal. It is a trip rich in adventures on land, at sea and in the air.

Costa Rica – A Forest Between The Oceans

Costa Rica is one of the forerunners in defending the environment: 28% of its territory is pro-tected in the form of parks and natural reserves. On this journey we meet some of the many animals that inhabit this country’s forests: cebus and capuchin monkeys, snakes, racoons and crocodiles.

Mali – Its Roots Lie in the Sand

Timbucktu lies on the main route connecting Western Africa and the Mediterranean, right in the heart of the Sahara desert. From here, and along the meanders of the Niger River, territo-ries are unveiled, and so is the country’s history, its populations and its multiple identities.

New Zealand – The Land of the Long White Cloud

Every dawn in New Zealand seems to tell new legends. Concentrated in these islands are amazing and gorgeous landscapes, inaccessible fiords, uneven coasts – home to unique spe-cies like the Kiwi, the country’s funny bird symbol.

Thailand – The Land of Elephants

Asian elephants are still fairly widespread in Thailand, though their numbers are decreasing. A great feast dedicated to elephants is held at Surin and in Chiang Mai we meet Lek Sangduen Chailert, proclaimed hero of Asia 2006 by Time Magazine for her dedication to elephants. In Bangkok we explore one of Thailand’s best known tourist attractions.

The Falklands – The Penguin Islands

Over four hundred islands inhabited by less than three thousand people – and more than one million penguins, hundreds of thousands of albatross, sea-lions, sea-elephants and many en-demic species, such as the Caracara. The Falkland Islands are a proper animals’ Garden of Eden.

Kenya – Parks and Masai

The hot-air balloon floats over the endless plains of the Masai Mara Park – one of the biggest parks in Africa. But the Masai people are finding it very difficult to live with the park as it has deprived them of some of their traditional lands. The journey takes us to an agricultural farm with wild animals and snakes, and through animal rescue centres for chimpanzees, elephants and giraffes.

Director Davide Demichelis
Producer Mauro Tunis
Produced by SGI Società Generale dell’Immagine srl
Duration 16 x 25 min.
Year of Production 2007
Original Title World in the Mirror