The Word and the Bomb

What thoughts do some of the greatest writers of our time have on the age of terror?

The Word and the Bomb

The Word and the Bomb

What is their take on the world today? Religious war? Fight for civilisation? The collective fear of a future that looks worse than ever?

Inspired by American writer Don Delilo and his novel on the issue of terror and power, the director sets out to answer these questions. Through five interviews he talks to writers who have all touched upon the issue of terror.

Some have even witnessed terror attacks in their own cities – experiences which have resulted in whole new perspectives on life.

And this interaction between each writer and his city is essential to the series, reflecting the issues in the conversations between director and writer.

The series features:

– Jonathan Safran Foer, New York
– Tariq Ali, London
– Daniel Kehlmann, Vienna
– Orhan Pamuk, Istanbul
– Alaa Al Aswany, Cairo.

Director Jes Stein Pedersen
Producer Ole Hjortdal
Produced by DR
Duration 5 x 40 min.
Year of Production 2008
Original Title Ordet og Bomben