Wonder World of Ice


A film about Chinese dreams seeking fulfilment in the middle of the biggest ski resort in Finnish Lapland


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Wonder World of Ice

Wonder World of Ice

Wonder World of Ice tells the story of modern Lapland. The change it is going through from national scenery to a global entertainment centre. At the ski resort the two different realities collide: the world created by tourism and the pure nature only seen in postcards.

A group of Chinese ice sculptors arrive to build an exotic experience park, Wonder World of Ice. To turn ice and snow into beautiful works of art. Among them is Huang Shen, a young Chinese student, bringing with him his dreams of a better job and better pay.

Every day he dresses up as panda to attract more tourists from the ski resort and as he wanders around the village in his panda outfit, Huang is led to reflect on the differences between the Finnish and the Chinese society – and about the status of the Chinese in this modern world.

This reality of the Finns and the Chinese is also observed by the only native inhabitant of these mountains, the reindeer. And as the reindeer ? mascot, memento and amusement device of Lapland ? listens silently to the growth forecasts of the ski resort, it prepares for the climate change by learning how to carry a golf bag…

Director Ilkka Rautio
Producer Pertti Veijalainen
Produced by ILLUME Ltd in ass. with YLE
Duration 52 min.
Year of Production 2013
Original Title Keinolumikylä