Wojtek - The Bear that went to War


Wojtek was discovered as a cub in Iran in 1942. He had lost his mother to hunters and was found by a group of Polish refugees as they travelled through the Middle East on their way to join the allied forces in Palestine


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Wojtek – The Bear That Went to War

Wojtek – The Bear That Went to War

As the war progressed Wojtek became more than a mascot to his friends – he was a child, someone to take care of when their own families had been torn apart. He was also a source of enormous pride – as one Polish veteran said ‘ We had very little – but we had a bear’. And he gave valuable hope and reassurance to his homeless Polish friends during a time of madness, fear and hostility.

The film will tell the untold story of the Poles during the 2nd World War through the extraordinary life of Wojtek The Soldier Bear – whose life parallels so many of their struggles. Through understanding the life and death of this unique creature we discover new meanings to the terms immigrant, patriot, and human being.

Director Will Hood & Adam Lavis
Producer Kasia Skibinska & Kat Mansoor
Produced by Animal Monday & Braidmade Films
Duration 59 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Wojtek - The Bear That Went to War