With Death on the Pitch

In the last five years more than 40 soccer players have collapsed and died on European soccer pitches. Fit, well-trained young men.


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With Death on the Pitch

With Death on the Pitch

With Death on the Pitch is an investigative documentary that tries to discover why these athletes are dying sudden deaths in disturbing numbers.

Indications are that powerful analgesics may be to blame. In the world of professional soccer, it is quite normal for players to fill themselves with powerful painkillers to combat joint pain simply to make it onto the pitch.

With Death on the Pitch investigates fatalities in Denmark, Norway and Portugal.

Director Miki Mistrati
Producer Søren Steep Jespersen
Produced by Bastard Film
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2006
Original Title Når Døden Spiller Med