Wild and Wonderful Denmark


Discover Denmark’s amazing wildlife and beautiful nature in a brand new, state-of-the-art wildlife series in five parts.


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Wild and Wonderful Denmark

Wild and Wonderful Denmark

In a tight narrative and unique settings, we follow life through known and unknown animals all captured by stunning photography. In each episode a new biotope provides the framework of the narrative: The Forest, The Sea and the Coastline, The Open Land, The Lake and the River, The City.

The series presents dramatic events in the animal kingdom of Denmark – telling stories of birth and death, mating and hunger, hunting or being hunted. It’s family viewing at its best but the drama is not always for the faint of heart.

The animals play the leading roles, but the unique Danish geography and natural locations are also essential elements of the narrative.

We meet a yellow-necked mouse out to find a midnight bite, when an eagle-owl swoops down swiftly and silently in pursuit. We go inside a fox den with a mother fox and her newborn cubs, and we soar with a majestic golden eagle while it is out hunting. We spot the anglerfish that camouflages itself on the ocean floor and see it pop open its jaws and ambush its prey. We look on as red deer stags go at it antler to antler, and we admire the aerial dance of starlings in the sky.

In a reed warbler nest by the lake shore, we watch as the newly hatched cuckoo instinctively evicts the host bird’s young, pushing it into the water to get all the food to itself.

In the last episode of the series, we observe how climate change play a role in life and death among urban animals. We also witness how some animal have adapted to urban conditions and learned how to put people to use. Like when crows drop walnuts on streets in order to leave the nut-cracking to the cars.

There is more drama and life in our surroundings than we imagine, and it’s closer than you think. In Wild and Wonderful Denmark, we take an intimate look at the struggles the animals face, and how their challenges are tangible and relatable. The goal of this spellbinding series is to tell the stories of the animals in the form of gripping dramas that enable us to put ourselves in their place in a way that touches us emotionally.

Produced by Mastiff TV Denmark for DR
Executive producer Henrik Zachariassen
Series producer Mark Jessen
Format 5 x 52 min. and 5 x 58 min.
Release 2020