Wild and Wonderful Animals

Children and youth

40 x 5 min.

A children’s documentary series created off the popular WILD AND WONDERFUL DENMARK about wildlife in Denmark. - Entertainment for the 3-6-year-olds. - On average, WILD AND WONDERFUL ANIMALS had 300.000 streams per episode in a one-year period (2021-2022).



How does the Golden Eagle hunt through the forests of Jutland? What are the names of the small whales, who hunt and play in the Little Belt Sea? Why do stags fight in the autumn, and what beetle is the biggest in Denmark? Those are just some of the questions that get answered in WILD AND WONDERFUL ANIMALS, which is a nature show for children about the animals of Denmark. Each episode contains a new story about one of the many animals, which you can be lucky to encounter in the Danish wildlife. WILD AND WONDERFUL ANIMALS is created off the popular documentary series WILD AND WONDERFUL DENMARK.

  • Director

    Henrik Zachariassen

  • Producer

    Mark Jessen

  • Produced by

    Mastiff TV for DR

  • Original title

    Vilde Vidunderlige Dyr

  • Format

    40 x 5 min.

  • Release