When The Dust Settles


10 x 58 MIN.

When the Dust Settles tells the equally important and heartbraking story of eight strangers whose lives and fates intertwine after a tragic terrorist attack shocks Copenhagen. The series was nominated for Nordisk Film & TV Fond’s Script Award 2020 during Gothenburg International Film Festival and was released domestically on February 2nd 2020 to great reviews and a 42% share.


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When The Dust Settles

When The Dust Settles

It is a busy Friday night at a newly opened restaurant. Guests are eating, drinking and enjoying a carefree night out when two masked men with weapons enter the premises. Shots are fired. And just like that, life will never be the same.

Nine days earlier, Nikolaj is about to take over the restaurant where he works as a chef. Jamal is trying to pass his driving test and live up to family expectations. Lisa, a famous Swedish singer, is about to start a new life with her Danish lover. And Holger, a lonely old man, is trying to end his. Elisabeth, the Danish attorney general, cannot decide if she should retire to spend more time with her wife, or stay in the political game where she feels the most alive. Meanwhile Marie, an anxious 8-year-old girl, finds a shiny, golden bullet in the forest, and Ginger, a homeless girl, does not yet know that she will become an important eye witness.

Over the course of three weeks the lives of these eight main characters will change dramatically, and they will find themselves questioning the way they live and the choices they have made.

Creators Ida Maria Rydén (Dicte), Dorte Høgh (Dicte, Anna Pihl)
Producer Stinna Lassen
Directors Milad Alami (Follow The Money III, The Charmer), Jeanette Nordahl (Wildland), Iram Haq (What Will People Say)
Produced by DR Drama
Cast Karen-Lise Mynster (Aftermath), Jacob Lohmann (Follow The Money, The Rain), Henning Jensen (The Killing, The Rain), Peter Christoffersen (The Bridge)
Original title Når Støvet Har Lagt Sig
Format 10 x 58 min.
Release Q1 2020