When my child is born - Shanghai Tales #3


Jun and Long are neo-intellectuals in post-modern China. When Jung discover she is pregnant – unintentionally – the world is turned upside down for the young couple

when my child is born – Shanghai Tales #3

when my child is born – Shanghai Tales #3

Jun is a university teacher who engages her students in sensitive philosophical debates. Long is trying to finish his thesis on Kant and Marx, struggling to refine his scope with his academic supervisors. Life is confusing enough until they find out that Jun is pregnant and nothing will ever be the same.

Fantastic access allows us to explore the transition in the lives of the soon-to-be parents. We follow as they navigate the world of ultrasounds, domineering mothers-in-law buying all kinds of gadgets and preparing the baby’s room. Jun openly admits how she misses her independence and how having a child will be a sacrifice to her own life. Jun and Long freely express their disappointment upon discovering that the child is a girl – a telling example of China’s one-child policy.

This film is the last program of the Shanghai Tales series. Three films portraying inside modern China through the lives of its people. The films are portraying the difficulties of growing up and developing through adolescence, the challenge of balancing work and family and the problems encountered by tradition, marriage and the expectations of family and parenting. All moving and poignant, these stories are offered in an elegant and understated style, complimenting one another in an unpolished yet fascinating portrait of contemporary China.

Directors Guo Jing & Ke Dingding
Producer Lawrence Elman
Produced by Amber Entertainment for BBC, DR, NHK & ITVS
Duration 3 x 60 min.
Year of Production 2010