We Love Weapons


Exploring the paradox of trying to create world peace by means of unpeaceful tools such as guns, missiles and drones


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We Love Weapons

We Love Weapons

Like a Scandinavian cross between Louis Theroux and Michael Moore, the director of this film is overtly sceptical about guns. But with his inquisitive and humorous approach to the subject, this documentary gives voice to his own as well as opposing views as he goes out to encounter the industry ? and the people who love weapons.

He attends an arms exposition held in Washington DC by the Association of the US Army, meets a producer of drones operating on his own small backyard factory grounds, an enthusiastic collector of weapons with more than 200 guns in his store and some of the top players in the global arms industry.

We Love Weapons provides a European view on the global arms industry and American gun culture. Sales representatives from the world’s biggest arms companies assure us that they are working to make the world a safer place, and that they only sell their weapons to countries approved by the UN.

Similarly in the civilian society only people with no criminal record can purchase a gun. In both cases the problem is that the good guys do not always stay good.

Director Jakob Thygesen
Producer Thomas Houkjær
Produced by DR
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2012
Original Title Vi elsker våben