We are Here for Our Future


Also available as 3 x 29 min.

The incredible story of 71 Angolan men who begin a journey that would change their lives


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We Are Here For Our Future

We Are Here For Our Future

Their goal is to become seafarers. In Portugal a fully rigged training ship awaits their arrival and on board they will be trained and tested in a challenging environment far from home.

The cadets all come from Angola. A country which has suffered from many years of civil war. These men will be given a chance to forge their own future and to do so they will have to force a daunting barrier. 12 weeks of tough training. Night and day. Seven days a week. In all weathers.

A project like this has never been attempted before in modern shipping history. Some will succeed, others will not. Those who do will be given a job and a chance of a better life for them and their families. This is their stories; featuring their triumphs and disappointments. This is the story of how they created their own future.

Director & Producer Ebbe Kyrø
Produced by Nexus Kommunikation A/S
Duration 3 x 29 or 58 min.
Year of Production 2012
Original Title We Are Here for Our Future