Warriors from the North


Recruting for Al-Shabaab


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Warriors from the North

Warriors from the North

In a marquee in Mogadishu, the newly graduated doctors are being celebrated. Dressed up relatives and friends are everywhere and up on stage the young graduates, in full gala dresses, are overlooking the crowd. Down below them, in the front row, a young man is taking pictures.

He is there as a journalist, to cover the happy event. No one in the marquee knows that this young “journalist” is Abdi Rahman from Denmark. Nor that he, in just a few seconds, will blow himself up and take several young doctors with him in the blast.

Warriors from the North is about young Somali-European men, who leave their comfortable everyday life in European cities to become fighters, and perhaps even suicide bombers, in Somalia ? one of the most dangerous and impoverished places in the world.

These young men, the majority of which are born and raised in Scandinavia, are typically recruited there and subsequently leave for Somalia, where they are trained by Al-Shabaab, an Islamic terrorist organization, to help obtain Islamic rule in Somalia. The film gets close to an otherwise impenetrable milieu, the immigrants at the bottom of the social hierarchy, where Al-Shabaab is always feared ? even at a great distance.

Directors Søren Steen Jespersen & Nasib Farah
Produced by Made in Copenhagen for DR in association with NRK
Producer Helle Faber
Duration 60 min.
Expected Release 2014