The Violent Legacy of Charles Darwin


A 150-year-battle between Scienceand Religion

The Violent Legacy of Charles Darwin

The Violent Legacy of Charles Darwin

Around the world today, vastly different religious groups join forces with a bold and common purpose – to discredit and destroy a scientific theory that is threatening their very existence. Their enemy comes in the form of a simple, mortal man. His name is Charles Darwin.

And millions of people continue to believe he was a vicious heretic and the most dangerous scientist who ever lived. Darwin’s publication of the Origin of the Species introduced the Bible to a new and extremely dangerous foe: the Theory of Evolution.

This theory, which contends that human’s descended from primates, continues to outrage religious leaders as their congregations grow smaller and their worldview is dismissed as archaic. This film provides a fascinating glimpse into the ongoing battle between Science and Religion and into the private lives of Darwin’s closest allies and fiercest opponents in the USA, Turkey, Sweden and the UK.

Sweden is home to Scandinavia’s most aggressive Darwin critics. Academics from various fields gather in church to deliberate the impossibility of Evolution. They are treated as social outcasts but their goal is to have Creationism (a literal translation of the Bible) taught in public schools throughout Sweden and beyond.

The USA fights Darwin’s theories like no other country on Earth. Pastor Michael Jackson is an Evangelical Christian – one of 30 million in America alone. Pastor Jackson leads us through a church service, an Anti-Darwin fuelled family meal and finally to a school where children are taught that the Earth was created by God in 6 days and that modern science is filled with malicious lies.

Interestingly, Darwin’s Christian opponents are not alone. They find some shocking allies in a group of extravagantly wealthy Turkish Muslims who spend millions of dollars a year sending Anti-Darwin educational literature around the world.

Their spiritual leader, Harun Yahay, speaks to us from his private television studio and explains how Darwin is to blame for fascism, capitalism, imperialism and terrorism. Nothing suggests that the war between Science and Religion ends here. Quite the contrary: the battle lines have been drawn. Darwin’s Violent Legacy marches on…

Director Søren Bruun
Producer Jacob Kofler
Produced by The Compound for DR
Duration 55 min.
Year of Production 2009