The Village

A thrilling series about a woman who returns to a village she hasn’t visited in many years – a village that greets her with hostility rather than love, and forces her to come to terms with an old secret.


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The Village

The Village

A superb European drama serial in 44 half-hour episodes with a continuous plot and ongoing characters. Up-to-date. The setting of the story is a small village and its nearby market town.

The themes are universal—MONEY, POWER, LOVE.

At the opening of the story a 41-year-old woman gets off the bus at a small village. She has been here before, many years ago. Her reappearance, however, does not arouse everybody’s enthusiasm in the village. To put it mildly. She is clever, beautiful, newly divorced — and she brings back a ghost from the past. Because in the village everybody seems to have something on somebody. Something to do with money, power or love. Or all three.

Throughout the story there is a constant buying and selling of farms. Old hostilities are kept alive. Love has the possibility of flowering and withering away. And in business we witness times of great success and those of absolute downfall.

The businessman Frank in The Village: “Success turns me on like nothing else!”

Everything is just like in real life!

When The Village was broadcast on Danish TV the ratings increased drastically in the best transmission time. The most important competing channel was forced to put on one of the most popular American serials in the same slot – without much success.

Directors Niels Gråbøl, Tom Hedegaard, Anders Refn a.o.
Produced by DR
Producer Sven Clausen
Duration 44 x 29 min.
Year of Production 1994-96
Original Title Landsbyen