Village in a Hot Spot


Everybody is waiting for the rains in Chief Kambudzi’s village in Malawi. Like elsewhere in Africa, all 85 families have a small plot of land as their only means of survival.


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Village in a hot spot

Village in a hot spot

The rains are several weeks delayed, and last year harvest failed as well. Now even the river has dried up, and the entire village is on the brink of starvation. All the families try to cope as best they can.

Tembo is a farmer. He has a wife, four goats, seven hungry children ? and one bag of maize flour to feed them all. As farming fails, he turns to mat making for survival.
Felida is a single mother with five children. Her eldest son just ran away from home, because she could not feed him. Now she begs odd jobs in exchange for some corn shells to feed the remaining four.

Director & Producer Jens Pedersen
Produced by Pedersen & Co. for DR
Duration 28 min.
Year of Production 2009
Original Title I Klemme i Klimaet 2