Jailed in America


How do prisons profit from crimes?


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Jailed in America (Why Slavery? series)

Jailed in America (Why Slavery? series)

In the last 30 years, America’s prison population has surged from 330,000 to 2.3 million inmates. In this deeply personal and provocative film, Academy Award-winning director Roger Ross Williams sets out on a mission to investigate the prison system that has helped drive this explosive web of political, social, and economic forces that have consumed so many of Roger’s friends and family.

In his search for answers, Roger decides to go behind the scenes of America’s $80 billion dollar a year prison industrial complex. As he explores the network of companies who are involved in this business he uncovers a disturbing pattern of greed and corruption, as well as enormous financial incentives to keep inmate population high, and sentences long.

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Director Roger Ross Williams
Producer Femke Wolting
Duration 52 min.
Year of Production 2018