Up For Debate - Team Qatar


In September 2008 five teenagers, a Qatari, an Iraqi, a Syrian-Armenian, a Pakistani, and an Iranian, journey from the Middle East to Washington DC to join teens from around the world in an intensely competitive if somewhat arcane annual ritual: The World School Debating Championship.

Up For Debate -Team Qatar

Up For Debate -Team Qatar

This documentary follows the journey of five ambitious teenagers as they are initiated into the cut-throat subculture of competitive high school debate. Training in London, Doha and New York, they learn more about the world as they hone their debating skills.

Will the team overcome their inexperience and hold their own against the sarcastic English, meticulous Singaporeans and ferocious Australians, all with years of practice at reducing lesser teams to tears? How will they deal with America, what will they make of Team Israel, and are they worldly enough to triumph?

Director Liz Mermin
Producers Lawrence Elman & Liz Mermin
Produced by Amber Entertainment for BBC
Duration 60 min.
Year of Production 2009
Original Title Team Qatar