Untold Stories

A historical treasure hunt


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Untold Stories

Untold Stories

In every corner of the country there are plenty of untold stories. These stories didn’t make it to the history books, but they can teach us a lot about the way people lived back in the days.

Therefore, two hosts are sent out in the country to snatch four of these stories in each program. The get help from a historian and people who can help us tell the untold stories.

The hosts are sent out on a treasure hunt by a historian. The traces they get leads to a story, told by a person who has somehow been involved in that story – either because they know a lot about the artefact, that leads to the story, or because the story concerns their forefathers.

From specifics to general

The program is inductive, as each story is a specific case, that is both interesting but it also adds some color to the greater history that we already know. These specific instances may be exactly those details we need to understand how people lived at a given time.

Which is more interesting?

After having collected the stories, three celebrities vote which story they like the most. They discuss each story, and relate it to their life. The story that most people find interesting, is the winning story for that program.

Created & Produced by DR
Broadcast by DR 1
Duration 7 x 48 min
Original Title Vores Ukendte Danmark