The Twins and Santa Claus

Children & Youth

On the 1st of Dec Nicolas (Santa Claus) wishes with all his heart to feel like the REAL Santa Claus, not just his own insecure and indecisive self.


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The Twins and Santa Claus

The Twins and Santa Claus

Suddenly the sorcerer, Dr. Schwartz, stands before him. Dr. Schwartz knows that Nicolas has the potential to find the miracle stone that will turn him into the real Santa, but Dr. Schwartz wants to use the stone himself so that he can turn off all lights in the world and become the sole ruler of darkness.

Schwartz persuades the naive Nicolas to sign a contract in which Nicolas promises to find the stone and give it to Schwartz. As soon as has he has signed, his wife Julie is magically transformed into a goose and kidnapped by Dr. Schwartz.

Fortunately, the two twins, Peter and Signe, witness Dr. Schwartz’s evil act. They bring Nicolas home and hide him in the attic. Together with Signe and Peter, Nicolas succeeds in finding the light within him and ultimately believes in his own worth. This is strictly necessary to overcome the very evil Dr. Schwartz, who will stop at nothing to become the master of black magic.

The Christmas Calendar is about overcoming the darkness and thereby turning on the light in oneself and in others.

Director Tilde Harkamp
Producer Morten Rasmussen
Produced by Deluca Film A/S
Duration 24 x 25 min.
Year of Production 2013
Original Title Tvillingerne og Julemanden