#Titanic – Towards the New World

Duration/Episodes: Twitter feed for 30 days / 5-20 updates per day

Titanic is a new way of depicting this dramatic event in history on social media


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#Titanic – Towards the New World

#Titanic – Towards the New World

The story is told on Twitter and Facebook by fictional characters based on real people. They describe their experiences first-hand: how they left their homes for Britain and then aboard the Titanic, all the way to the fateful night. Simultaneously their stories paint the bigger picture of emigration in the beginning of the last century.

Even today people flee and migrate by crossing dangerous oceans leading to terrible disasters. What makes this format unique is the crowd-sourcing and interaction. The script is not set in stone – it develops through the comments and conversations with the audience.

Genre Infotainment
Creators Seija Aunila, Jukka-Pekka Heiskanen
Producer & Broadcaster YLE
Duration/Episodes Twitter feed for 30 days / 5-20 updates per day
Year of Production 2016
Original Title #Titanic – Towards the New World