Time Travel

Children & Youth

Also available as 12 x 42 min.

Time travel, divorce, love and secret agents from the future.


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Time Travel

Time Travel

Time Travel┬áis an action-packed adventure about a teenage girl, Sofie, whose biggest wish is for her divorced parents to get back together again. In an effort to reunite them before Christmas, she and her friend from the future go back in time and into the future in order to alter events in the past. But she soon learns that tinkering with one’s fate can have disastrous consequences.

Time Travel is about 13-year-old science-geek Sofie, whose one wish for the holidays is to reunite her divorced parents by December 24, in time to celebrate Christmas together again as a family.
With the help of her grandfather, Sofie gets the ability to time-travel and thereby change what happened to her parents’ marriage.

But upon her return to the present (2014), after a trip back in time to 1984, she discovers that the changes have had disastrous consequences, not only for her younger brother and parents, but for the entire provincial town in which she lives.

Sofie, along with her antithesis and companion in time-travel, the rebel and punk Dixie, must now put right the problems they have created. Their mission is not made any easier by the fact that Sofie and Dixie are constantly being pursued by the authorities’ two most persistent, but inept, agents. It’s a chase that also takes our two protagonists thirty years into the future.

Along the way, Sofie’s attitude to her parents, Dixie and herself begin to change. Sofie finally enjoys the perfect Christmas Eve, but it’s far from how she had imagined it.

Director Kaspar Munk
Author Paul Berg
Producer Bo Mortensen
Produced by DR
Duration 24 x 25 min. & 12 x 42 min.
Year of Production 2014
Original Title Tidsrejsen