Ticket to Love

6 episodes
30 min.

In our society people set very high standards for everything in their life and especially when it comes to our love life. There have never been so many opportunities to find love but it has never been more difficult. So, what would happen if we let go of all our requirements and normal dating habits?


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Ticket to Love

Ticket to Love

In “Ticket to Love”, four brave singles have agreed to participate in an experiment in which the only requirement they can have is a name. The singles will each receive two flight tickets; one with their own name on it, and one with one of the most common names among people in their age group.

Now it is up to the singles to find a date who will go on a journey with them. And they must find a date before the plane takes off!

Will their chances of finding love be greater, when there is only one requirement? And will they give love a second chance when they will travel, live and sleep together on their first date?

Creator DR
Broadcaster DR3
Episodes/Duration 6 x 30 min
Year of Production 2016
Original Title Billet til kærlighed