There Will Be Water


One man’s quest watering the desert


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There Will Be Water

There Will Be Water

Engineer Bill Watts has a quest: to create a saltwater infrastructure in the desert and build greenhouses in the driest part of the planet, thus being able to supply fresh water, food, energy and jobs to a region desperate for any viable new solutions.

The idea is simple – take saltwater into the desert, evaporate it by means of the sun, and create fresh water, food and energy. But it is 50 degrees in the sun and it seems that every drop of fresh water requires a corresponding drop of sweat.

Bill’s project in Qatar is a success. The technology works better than expected and the Middle East desperately need a solution. But Bill realizes that taking it to the next step requires more than just successful technology. Money, political will and endurance is needed to move forward.

Accessible fresh water around is rapidly disappearing. Global demand for water is growing while at the same time the world’s available freshwater levels are dropping at alarming rates. More than a 1.5 billion people live in water-stressed areas. And the Middle East is drying up. Water scarcity is causing severe political and regional tensions, and some even think that the next war in the Middle East will be a war for water.

Director Per Liebeck
Producer Ulrik Gutkin
Produced by Copenhagen Film Company for DR in ass. with NRK, SVT, ERR
Duration 1 hour
Year of Production 2016