The viking - downfall of a drug lord


4 x 42 min.

How do you play the part of a family man when you are a full-time gangster?



THE VIKING is the true story about the biggest drug smuggler in all of Europe. A man who had it all but ended up losing what mattered the most – his family. As a kid, Claus Malmqvist always wanted more, a life outside the ordinary. Malmqvist grew up watching his father work tirelessly, chained to his white-collar duties as an accountant, just to be able to support the family. However, Malmqvist is soon exposed to another world, limitless and full of possibilities. At the mere age of 10, Malmqvist is submerged into a new way of life, meeting hustlers, hookers and gangsters. The glitz and power of the underworld is intoxicating – but one must protect themselves. Malmqvist builds a team so loyal that they would take a bullet for him – not least Kim, Malmqvist’s right hand and best friend. But one day, everything changes when Malmqvist’s father dies. The fact that Malmqvist never truly got to know his father slowly eats him up inside. For the first time in his life, Malmqvist yearns for ordinary life, the one he spent so long running away from. But how do you play the part of a family man when you are a full-time gangster? THE VIKING is part biopic, part true crime story. A true story of a man who spends 16 years in prison, two of them in one of Brazil’s worst prisons, where inmates are lucky if they get to keep their head. Desperate not to harm his son, Malmqvist pretends he is a prison guard for 12 years, never revealing the truth of his reality as a prisoner. But it’s not the life behind bars that weighs on Claus Malmqvist – it’s the people he hurt. Malmqvist’s biggest regret is his relationship to his own son: a relationship built entirely on lies.

  • Director

    Peter Anthony

  • Producer

    Jakob Staberg, Martin Dalgaard

  • Produced by


  • Original title

    Nordic Narcos

  • Format

    4 x 42 min.

  • Release

    Q2 2022