The Valhalla Murders


8 X 50 MIN.

When a man is found brutally murdered by the Reykjavik Harbor, police detective Kata Gunnarsdóttir is unaware that this is only the beginning of Iceland’s biggest murder case. The Valhalla Murders premiered domestically in Iceland with a share of 40% and is ready for the international market in 2020.

The Valhalla Murders

The Valhalla Murders

The Icelandic Police Department is shaken up when a second murder victim is found in Reykjavik. Another body, within a week, killed in the same manner as the first. The police suspect they might be dealing with a serial killer – something Iceland’s never faced before. Police detective Arnar is out of his depth when he is ordered against his will to travel from his adopted home in Stockholm to Reykjavik to help investigate Iceland’s first serial killer case – a gruesome series of murders where elderly people have been stabbed to death. Arriving in Iceland, Arnar is quickly paired up with senior inspector Kata, who protests because she feels she can handle the case herself. Despite the underlying conflict between the two, they must find a way to set their differences aside and work together in order to catch the killer before he strikes again. But the deeper they dig, the clearer it becomes that this horrifying case isn’t just about the present, but about a forgotten crime in the past. As a connection between the victims emerges, linking them to a boy’s home from the past named VALHALLA, the detectives realize that tales of child abuse and a missing boy might play a central role.

As we sink deeper into the muddy waters of hidden Iceland, we delve further into the central characters’ troubling pasts. Arnar was physically abused by his religious father after finding out he was gay, forcing him to flee Iceland as a young man and never looking back, while Kata is hiding a secret which causes her great stress and anxiety, making it more and more difficult for her to perform at her duties. Both of them are broken, but by working together, they could not only solve the case, but also help mend each other.

This is a story about the sins of our past and how we can never truly escape them.

Directors Thordur Palsson, Davíd Óskar Ólafsson & Thora Hilmarsdottir
Head Writer Ottar Nordfjord
Producers Kristinn Thordarson, Davíd Óskar Ólafsson & Leifur B. Dagfinnsson
Produced by Truenorth, Mystery Productions & RUV
Cast Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir, Björn Thors, Tinna Hrafnsdóttir, Sigurður Skúlason, Aldís Amah Hamilton, Bergur Ebbi Benediktsson & Edda Björgvinsdóttir
Original Title Brot
Duration 8 x 50 min.
International release 2020