The Tsunami Generation - 10 Years Later


In the Aceh Province, the 2004 tsunami left 170.000 people dead and some 500.000 homeless


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The Tsunami Generation – 10 Years Later

The Tsunami Generation – 10 Years Later

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The tragedy triggered unprecedented generosity from the international community, with a total of 7 billion dollars being donated to the area. It was a catalyst for the end of a 30-year war between the Indonesian government and a separatist movement.

However the tsunami not only dismembered the society; it challenged the society’s mode of life, hurt it’s pride and symbols, and compelled the remaining members to redefine their relationship with God.

In the power struggle of the region all chips were in the air. Government, guerrilla and the men of God – all aspired to gain from the new situation.

In 2005, the internationally awarded documentary The Tsunami Generation profiled children and teens like Ebul and Desi struggling to get life back to normal.

The Tsunami Generation – Ten Years Later follows the same main characters, telling their story. It turns out that rebuilding Aceh, although a success, in many ways left some people behind. People like Ebul and Desi who are still struggling.

Through emotional personal stories the film gives a unique account of a society’s long term struggle to cope with the aftermath of one of the worst natural disasters in living memory.

Director & Producer Folke Rydén
Produced by Folke Rydén Productions
Duration 52 min.
Year of Production 2014
Original Title The Tsunami Generation – 10 Years Later