The Teen Creature

4 episodes
28 min.

Sometimes being a teenager is like being a misunderstood species. Here, we observe them in their natural habitat to gain knowledge of their habits and way of life.


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The Teen Creature

The Teen Creature

The absurdity in the fact that everyone who is not a teenager have abolutely no understanding of teenagers. We observe teenagers in their natural environments while commenting on their actions in an entertaining and educational manner, inspired by classic nature and animal documentaries.

In the course of four episodes we witness the life of a teenager. The teenagers live their lives in a world where they are stuck in the incomprehensible phase of neither being a child nor an adult. We examine the teenage species in their own environment and investigate their everyday lives and attempt to show why teenagers are so misunderstood.

We follow several teenagers, but the stories are weaved together into one narrative. Every episode has a different theme and a chronological composition. For example, when we follow a group of teenagers going a the pre-party to throwing up in the bus on their way home. Just like in a classic documentary, the speaker emphasizes the fact that we are witnessing a beautiful world that should not be influenced by our presence.

Genre Factual Entertainment
Creator DR
Broadcaster DR3
Episodes/Duration 4 x 28 min.
Year of Production 2016
Original Title Teenagedyret