The Story of …

Where do we come from? What is our common past? And how did we become who we are? Through ten episodes, “The Story of Denmark” brings viewers on a fascinating journey through the past and into the present.


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The Story of …

The Story of …

A Treasury of Tales

We follow nature’s dramatic transformation which has formed the physical frames of our country. We witness our nation experiencing empirical glory and total decline and when the influence of kings and queens marks the establishment of alliances and territories. We encounter the workers, farmers, bourgeoisie, women and men of the past. We feel the times change, the alternating religions and a modern society take shape.

The series runs chronologically and starts with the end of the Ice Age and the Stone Age. A period of thousands of years, where the first humans settle in the country and where the hunters constantly have to adapt to an interchangeable climate and a capricious nature. At this point in time, a new landscape is born out of the massive melting ice caps, which in time will become the Denmark we know today.

23.000 Years in Ten Hours – The Selection

The quality of the format is first and foremost a result of the choices that have been made in order to be able to tell the story. When you convey more than 23.000 years of Danish history in ten hours, you cannot include all details and events. This means that we sometimes dwell on certain personalities and go in depth with the most seminal events of our country, while at other times, just the surface is scratched.

Periods in the series, ”The History of Denmark”

  • 1st episode: ca. 21.000 BC– 1700 BC The Stone Age
  • 2nd episode: 1700 f.v.t. – 750 – Metallernes tid
  • 3rd episode: 750-1050 – Vikingetiden
  • 4th episode: 1050-1340 – Early Middle Ages
  • 5th episode: 1350 – 1536 – Late Middle Ages
  • 6th episode: 1536-1660 – Rennaissance
  • 7th episode: 1660 – cirka 1800
  • 8th episode: cirka 1800 – cirka 1900
  • 9th episode: cirka 1900 – 1950
  • 10th episode: cirka 1950 – 2000
Created & Produced by DR
Broadcast by DR 1
Duration 10 x 58 min
Original Title Historien om Danmark