The Soldier


The Soldier tells an intimate story about Danish war veteran, Henrik, who after his second deployment in Afghanistan returns to Denmark with post traumatic stress syndrome.


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The Soldier

The Soldier

Deep in the Amazon jungle, we meet the Danish war veteran Henrik. After returning from Afghanistan with post-traumatic stress disorder he underwent several failed treatment attempts. As a last resort, he has travelled to Peru trying to cure himself with plant medicine, including the world’s most hallucinogenic drink, Ayahuasca.

We set out on a journey into the darkness of the mind and the jungle, as we follow Henrik’s fight throughout three years. The film gives a unique close up on a broken human being, who carries a strong hope of conquering his trauma and returning to life. A man let down by the same society he tried to protect, on a journey that doesn’t cure him the way he had hoped.

THE SOLDIER is cinematic fever dream, where the director, Nikolaj Møller, fully utilizes sound and picture to place us side-by-side with Henrik in the both calmness and madness of the jungle. It is a strong portrait of a veteran whose fight continues long after the end of his deployment, and leaves us with the question of what some soldiers goes through to protect the rest of us.

Director Nikolaj Møller
Producer Lina Flint
Produced by Nordisk Film Spring for DR
Duration 58 min.
Release 2020