The Promises

Brother and sister Hanna and Baldur live with their parents in Reykjavik city. An ordinary happy family, so it seems…


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The Promises

The Promises

At least from the outside. Baldur goes to elementary school and Hanna is in eighth grade. The year of her confirmation. The kids have been looking forward to this year. It’s the year the whole family is going to drive across America. But as a big surprise to the kid’s, mom and dad are getting a divorce. To the kids, Baldur and Hanna, it’s the end of the world. Out of desperation, Hanna gives her yonger brother the hopeless promise that mom and dad will get back together.

The story opens when the kid’s parents have a sit down with them to tell them that they are getting a divorce. Of course the news is a huge shock to Hanna and Baldur. Hanna’s best friend living next door has been through the same. The kids look and listen while their parents tell them about the decision and that mom and dad have tried everything to make the marriage work. The kids think back. In sudden flashbacks of numerous events, things start to make sense to them. Especially Hanna who is more mature.

They ask themselves many questions as life as they know it is about to come tumbling down around them. What will happen to us? Who’s going to live where? Do we have to move? Change schools? Can it be our fault? Will they have anything to say about the situation? And last but not least: are we still going to America? A dramatic story with the rare approach of experiencing the painful process of divorce seen only through the eyes of the children.

Director Bragi Thor Hinriksson
Writers Bragi Thor Hinriksson & Gudjon David Karlsson
Producers Bragi Thor Hinriksson, Trausti Haflidason & Skarphedinn Gudmundsson
Produced by RUV & Hreyfimyndasmidjan
Duration 4 x 25 min. Or 2 x 44 min. or 92 min.
Year of Production 2017
Original Title Loford