The President


The chaotic story of how Europe got its first President


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The President

The President

In January 2009 a historical moment was planned to take place in the account of the European Union – the 27 member states were to elect the first permanent President of the EU. Except, the Irish voters said no in a referendum in June 2008, which threw the EU into perhaps its biggest crisis ever.

The 27 Heads of State were now required to find a solution. A historical political power play began, all confidentially and far away from the public eye. This is a complex process taking place in meetings and corridors, where compromises must be found and national interests looked after.

This film will explore the core of European political power, with cultures dating back centuries, which includes drama, intrigues, vanity and greed. Mostly it is the story about the decisive clash between those who wish for a united Europe and those who oppose it.

From the Director of the award winning film the Road to Europe – an observational account of the tense political negotiations peaking during a two day summit with all European Heads of State present. Christoffer Guldbrandsen and his camera were present during negotiations, whether they took place in meeting rooms or corridors, during dinners or private conversations. Through this extraordinary access we got firsthand account of how Heads of State make political compromises while caring of national interests in light of the enlargement.

Director Christoffer Guldbrandsen
Producer Ane Mandrup Pedersen, Stine Meldgaard
Produced by Guldbrandsen Film for DR
Duration 52 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Præsidenten