The Other World

Children and youth

24 x 25 min. and 12 x 50 min.

The teen twins, Sara and Anna, are highly involved with their mum’s children’s theatre, The Golden Theatre, which stages naïve romantic plays with a cast of children and youngsters.



In this year’s Christmas show, Sara plays the leading role in a sequel to Sleeping Beauty. Anna, who suffers from stage fright, works as a prompter. Sara falls in love with her co-star Janus and thinks she can win him over, but Janus has a girlfriend. Broken-hearted and rejected, Sara falls off a bridge, plunging into ice cold water. She loses consciousness and as Anna struggles to rescue her, Sara slips into the dangerous and dramatic fairy tale universe of the Brothers Grimm, The Other World, in which she becomes Snow White on the run from The Evil Queen. Sara meets The Seven Dwarfs and The Prince, whom she falls madly in love with. But just as she has gotten in touch with him, she is awakened by Anna. Sara thinks she has been dreaming, but a twig from the fairytale world proves that she was indeed in another realm, throwing the girls into an incredible and fate changing adventure.

  • Director

    Lars Kaalund and Tilde Harkamp

  • Creator

    Nikolaj Scherfig, Bo Hr. Hansen, Lars Kaalund

  • Writer

    Nikolaj Scherfig, Bo Hr. Hansen, Morten Dragsted

  • Producer

    Andreas Hjortdal

  • Produced by

    DR Drama

  • Original title

    Den Anden Verden

  • Format

    24 x 25 min. and 12 x 50 min.

  • Release