The Man With the Golden Ears

Also available as 210 min.

Jakob is an Artist & Repertory man at a record company. He leads a rock´n´roll lifestyle in the jungle of self-conscious artists and fallen stars.


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The Man With the Golden Ears

The Man With the Golden Ears

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Basically he has been living this way since the gold-rimmed nineties, the heydays of the music industry.

Presently he needs to fight for his existence on all levels if he wants to maintain his extravagant lifestyle and reputation. Jakob has to handle his new strict, female boss, his omnipresent rival “The Butt”, his ex-wife and his teenage daughter, Julie, who just moved in with him. As Jakob is about to discover, it is not always easy to raise a teenager – especially not if the parent is also behaving like one.

Jakob’s golden egg – the rock band “Konsumer” – is back in the studio for the first time in two years, and that might just be the salvation he needs. It could help take away some of the hard pressure that he faces at the company, where sales are down and costs increasing.

Unluckily for Jakob, but partially due to his own lack of focus, he loses “Konsumer” to his manipulative competitor. They will use all means at their disposal to contribute Jakob’s downfall. Jakob needs to discover a new artist, who can put an end to the company’s declining results. Someone who can help him retain his nickname “The Man with the Golden Ears”.

“The Man with the Golden Ears” is a fast paced, upbeat dramedy about the fortunes and misfortunes in an industry which seems so polished to the spectator, yet at a closer look is filled with ragged edges, lies and absurdities. It is a world in which people will go to extremes to get their fifteen minutes of fame, often putting themselves in situations, which are completely and utterly hilarious.

Directors Simon Bonde & Mike Spooner
Producers Tomas Radoor & René Ezra
Produced by Nordisk Film Production A/S
Duration 8 x 27 min. or 210 min.
Year of Production 2009
Original Title Manden med de gyldne ører