The Major

A major who has served with the UN in Bosnia returns home, to a life far from the horrors of the war. But when a woman officer is beaten up at a party in the barracks, the major has to get back to work. The inquiry into the assault develops into a mindless, violent manhunt for the assumed perpetrator.

The Major

The Major

A UN major returns home with his company from a peace-keeping mission in Bosnia. Everyone needs to unwind, to take a break from the horrors of war, and to shake off all the nastiness and bewilderment.

Major Stig Møller goes straight home to his wife, who is already packing her suitcase for the Paris holiday they have been planning. Meanwhile, the lower ranks throw the mother of all parties in the barracks before heading for home—but things get out of hand and a woman sergeant is seriously injured.

The enquiry into the vicious assault develops into a mindless, violent hunt for the presumed perpetrator. The major can’t refrain from getting involved, despite the fact that the army would rather he didn’t and despite pressure from his wife to get away to Paris. But the major knows the suspected man well; a pleasant young private who served as his batman and driver in Bosnia.

Major Møller is certain the private could not have done it. The two men have been through the same experiences, witnessed the same massacres, seen the same corpses. The Major is a professional in this respect, and the mission was not his first. But the young private cannot put the war out of his mind; it clings to him like a deadly infection.

The major finds himself in a race against time, his wife’s patience, and not least the team the army has put together to deal with the matter, as he tries to find the private before the young man or anyone else gets hurt.

Director Ole Roos
Producer John Brown
Produced by DR
Duration 87 min.
Year of Production 1998
Original Title Majoren