The Magic Talisman

Children & Youth

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Theodor only has one friend in the world, his grandfather, Harald. Harald breaks his leg and due to complications with an enlarged heart, falls into a coma-like state. The possibility of losing his only friend in the world, this close to Christmas, is an overwhelming problem for Theodor. He therefore travels into a magic world that he and Harald have created together, Thannanaya, to bring Harald back. And so, Theo & The Magic Talisman begins.


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The Magic Talisman

The Magic Talisman

On Theodor’s journey through Thannanaya, he learns to say goodbye to his grandfather and develops a friendship with the new girl in his class, Simone. Theodor and Simone learn who they are, learn to say goodbye and learn to embrace life.

In addition to being an adventurous journey through an ancient nature world, Theo & The Magic Talisman is a classic coming-of-age story about three generation’s ways of saying goodbye. A young boy’s goodbye to his grandfather, a mother’s goodbye to her father and an old man’s goodbye to life.

The Magic Talisman is a modern fantasy series for the whole family, where we try to describe what happens when we die and where we are reminded that it is important and not dangerous to say goodbye. It is our take on how life goes on and how the departed always will stay with us as long as we remember them.


Director Peter Gornstein
Producer Nynne Selin Eidnes
Head Writers Trine Piil & Peter Gornstein
Produced by DR Drama
Duration 8 x 45 min.
Year of Production 2018
Original Title Thannanaya