The Last Goodbye

6 episodes
28 min.

In this series, we will go on a journey where they will experience some of the things that future generations will not be able to, and on behalf of all of us say the last goodbye


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The Last Goodbye

The Last Goodbye

Future generations will live in a less colourful world than the one we know. Tribes, animal species, ecosystems and unique languages are disappearing forever. The host of our program is a pragmatic adventurer, who has traveled the world.

When the young hopefuls of a generation largely affected by the extinction of several big phenomena meet with a more cynical host, interesting discussions occur.

The Last Goodbye is a series that travels the world to visit these disappearing phenomena. During the visits, the host and the celebrities explore the reason for the extinction and discuss whether it is reasonable to pay huge amounts of money to save it.

The world is changing rapidly. More animal species than ever are in danger of becoming extinct. Every day parts of nature are lost forever. New cultures take over from old ones. What many of us take for granted, will have disappeared within a generation. The first season says goodbye to:

The albatross
The primitive indian
The turkama-tribe from Kenya
The last ninja
The northern white rhinoceros

Created & Produced by DR
Broadcasted by DR 3
Duration 6 x 28 min.
Original Title DR3 siger farvel