The Key of Light

Join Clara in this exciting series, as she goes away to camp and all of a sudden finds herself right in the middle of a mystery.


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The Key of Light

The Key of Light

Clara is going away on a camp during fall break – even though she really doesn’t want to go. Her father just died which leaves her very sad. Her mother hopes that Clara will make some new friends who can cheer her up. At camp Clara runs into Benjamin, who is crazy about Ninjas – and Sofie, who is sleeping in the bunk above her.

And far up in the nearby lighthouse Clara sees a strange man. But above all she is bored and she misses her dad. Then one evening she and Benjamin follow the teachers Morelia and Christian, and discover that strange things are happening down at the beach.

An old box is washed ashore, a threatening dog appears and the teachers are behaving like witches! Or are they? Witches don’t really exist, do they? And what does it mean that “The Key of Light” is near.

Director Linda Holmberg
Scriptwriter Stefan Jaworski
Producer Tim Cenius
Produced by DR
Duration 3 x 25 min.
Year of Production 2007
Original Title Lysets Nøgle