The Coolest Memory Team Ever


The World Memory Championship is a mental decathlon – the participants warriors of the mind


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The Coolest Memory Team Ever

The Coolest Memory Team Ever

The competitors are challenged to quickly memorize incredible amounts of information about playing cards, words, images and numbers.

In The Coolest Memory Team Ever this strange world unfolds in a competitive drama between reigning masters and highly capable newcomers challenging the hierarchy not only on the individual level, but also of the national teams.

Mattias (34) is three times Swedish champion who has turned his extraordinary skills into a business. He has been battling Idriz (39) for years and Idriz realizing his inferior skills is turning to the role as mentor for the Swedish national team.

Out of nowhere newcomers Marwin (19) and Jonas (23) suddenly enters the stage challenging everything.

Director & Producer Per-Eric Malm
Produced by Pistolero Media for SVT
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2014
Original Title Sveriges coolaste landslag