The Contemplator


A unique film about the life around the Baltic Sea


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The Contemplator

The Contemplator

The Contemplator is a tribute to one of the world’s most beautiful areas, The Baltic Sea. It celebrates the diversity and the richness of the region, but it also shows how fragile the ecosystem of the sea has become. For most of us, the ocean is a beautiful place where we can relax and rest, but the Baltic Sea is also a resource that we are continuously overusing to breaking point in order to satisfy our human needs.

The question is how a sea surrounded by some of the world’s richest countries has been allowed to become one of the most polluted waters in the world?

We must very soon realise how serious, paralysed and disheartened the situation is becoming. The Contemplator shows that we still have an outstandingly beautiful and unique sea that is worth fighting for, but that our everyday actions will play a crucial role in determining what condition the Baltic Sea will be in, when we hand it on to future generations.

The Contemplator is delicate a description of birth, life and death in, on and around the Baltic Sea as we encounter destinies of both humans and animals living in the area. In stunning imagery, the film takes us on a journey through a region still very much worth exploring

Director & Producer Mattias Klum
Produced by Tierra Grande Films
Duration 57 min.
Year of Production 2013
Original Title Betraktaren