The Circumciser


Peter Frederiksen, a Danish arms dealer living in South Africa, gets arrested when the police finds 21 female genitalia in his kitchen freezer.


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The Circumciser

The Circumciser

His African wife found them and reported him to the local police, but it turns out to be only the tip of the iceberg of a much more dramatic story, leading to charges of pedophilia and conspiracy to murder.

We follow the investigation and the trial of this unusual case through two Danish journalists who help The Hawks, a special unit in the South African police force, as they discover controversial photos, videos of a circumcision and the translation of Frederiksen’s revealing diaries.

During the two year-long period of investigation, this true crime documentary has extraordinary access to the evidence in the case and to the main characters. It contains interviews with both Peter Frederiksen and the chief police investigator.

The case has been news all over the world and caused outrage in a country, where whites suppressed blacks for decades through Apartheid. Not only are the actions of Frederiksen allegedly criminal but also so provocative that protesters from The ANC Women’s League show up in court to put pressure on the judge to get the 63-year old convicted.

Director Michael Klint
Producer Carsten Skjoed & Anne Ellekjaer
Editor in Chief Steen Jensen
Produced by DR in association with SVT, YLE
Duration 58 min.
Release 2018