The Chocolate War


58 min. and 82 min.

One man’s fight against a multi-billion-dollar chocolate industry



Twenty years ago, the world's biggest chocolate giants signed an agreement to work toward abolishing child slavery. However, frequent reports show that the issue remains to this day. U.S. attorney Terry Collingsworth has dedicated his life to the abolition of slavery and human trafficking and has been working for more than a decade to take the chocolate giants in court for violating the U.S. Constitution. Collingsworth succeeds in having his case tried by the US Supreme Court. His case is trying to get Nestlé and Cargill convicted of systematically producing their well-known brands by exploiting children in Ivory Coast's cocoa production, but up against the food giants and their army of lawyers Collingsworth and his colleague are facing a difficult task. THE CHOCOLATE WAR follows Collingsworth for five years, where he travels back to the two West African countries of Mali and the Ivory Coast to gather new evidence for the trial. Here he witnesses just how far the chocolate industry will go to cover up the truth about the estimated 1.5 million children working illegally in the cocoa production.

  • Director

    Miki Mistrati

  • Producer

    Helle Faber

  • Produced by

    Made in Copenhagen for DR in association with UpNorth Film, ROCO Films, SVT, YLE, NRK, CH 8

  • Format

    58 min. and 82 min.

  • Release


Awards & festivals

  • In Competition

    F:act:Award, CPH:DOX


  • Nominated

    Cinema for Peace


  • Nominated

    Warsaw Film Festival