The Chicken Garden

A documentary about the fascinating world of chickens.


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The Chicken Garden

The Chicken Garden

Chickens are many-facetted animals, and they have a diverse set of circumstances and concerns in their lives. In this film we follow a normal hen’s battle to procreate.

Winters are rough for chickens, but in springtime life unfolds anew around the henhouse. Days are spent eating, grooming, sleeping and mating. The roosters stand guard, for up above hungry hawks circle. All along, the roosters are busy fighting each other, though for now old Amadeus still rules the roost. Eggs become chicks, chicks become hens, until the flock almost triples in number over the summer. The day-to-day has its small dramas: a Spanish hen moves in and puts the flock in an uproar; a wild pheasant cock tries to oust the roosters.

Teeming with colour, sound and atmosphere, the film is a loving tribute to the old jungle birds and life’s course in their spacious garden.

Directors Laila Hodell & Bertel Torne Olsen
Producers Cæcilie Nordgreen & Laila Hodell
Produced by Frejas Børn
Duration 28 min.
Year of Production 2006
Original Title Hønsenes Have