The Accidental King


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Is it better to be a King in Ghana or a basic worker in Europe?

The Accidental King

The Accidental King

Eddugle, from Ghana, has been living in Copenhagen for 5 years, enjoying his new life. He works nights at a warehouse and during the day loves to hang out with his Danish buddy, Jon. Two times a week, he attends Danish class because he is planning to stay indefinitely.

All changes when Eddugle’s father, King and ruler of 14 villages in rural Ghana, suddenly dies. His older brother is officially next in line to the throne, but he is left handed and thus considered per traditions unfit to be the ruler. Whether Eddugle likes it or not, he must return home and become the new King.

His friend Jon will tag along, advising him on both the political and practical aspects, but soon Eddugle begins to face opposition. Worse still, according to the locals, the throne is cursed and the old King died an unnatural death – Eddugle starts to wonder if coming back was the right decision.

Director Emil Langballe & Lukasz Konopa
Producer Mathilde Hvid Lippmann
Produced by Made in Copenhagen for DR in association with CH 8
Duration 75 min. & 1 hour
Release 2021