The 100 Billion bottle Problem (Why Plastic? series)


51 min.

Is the world’s largest soft drinks producer really ready to turn the tide on plastic waste?



The soft drinks industry has faced growing criticism of the use of single-use plastic. In 2018 Coca-Cola, the world’s largest soft drinks producer, set ambitious targets to reduce the amount of its plastic packaging going into the environment. It said that by 2030 it would collect one bottle or can for every one it sold, and make them from 50% recycled material. Coke’s plan is to eliminate waste by turning old bottles into new ones. In this film, we investigate Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste strategy. Could it be a shining example for the whole beverage industry, and indeed for the whole of the food industry given its extensive use of plastic packaging? Or will single-use plastic bottles continue to pollute the environment at an ever-increasing scale? And how well, after three years, is Coca-Cola doing around the world in meeting the commitments it has made? After all, global brand audits reveal Coca-Cola is the world’s top polluter.

  • Director

    Laura Mulholland

  • Producer

    Max Stern and Alan Hayling

  • Produced by

    The Why Foundation

  • Format

    51 min.

  • Release