Test Site


A film about the outskirts of civilization – where freedom is given, and taken, to express and experiment in ways not permissible in the urban world.


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Test Site

Test Site

test site_full frame Test Site_Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2011

The subject is the American desert as a place that permits experiments of all kinds – for better or for worse. From experimental, temporary communities, artistic experimentation, nuclear tests, musical- and spiritual exercises where noise, size and laws do not matter.

A place charged with myths from movies like The War of the Worlds, Easy Rider, Star Wars and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. A place for intergalactic world wars, mental liberation and lawlessness. A place that permits experiments of all kinds. Speed, art, science, weapons, music, religion and law – it is all going through the test here.

The desert attracts and invites with its hostile environment and Test Site will bring us on a quivering, hot and dusty journey through the surprisingly frantic activities of the great American desert. What goes on here is on the brink of civilization – these are activities that cannot, and often must not, take place in an urban or built environment.

A film that will make you question our modern comforts and rules, and what we consider to be a normal way of living.

Director Jesper Wachtmeister
Producer Jonas Kellagher
Produced by Eight Millimetres AB & Solaris Filmproduktion, Co-produced by SVT
Duration 52 & 56 min.
Year of Production 2011