56 x 40 min.

Taxi is a long-running TV series that reflects the everyday lives of ordinary people. With a small taxi company as the starting point, everyone – young and old, successful and rejected – comes into focus.



TAXI is a TV series from DR1 in 56 episodes, written by Stig Thorsboe and produced by Rumle Hammerich. The series is about a smaller taxi center, Krone-Taxa, in Copenhagen. The series was one of DR’s biggest successes right from the first episode. The series aired in the period 1997-1999 over a total of 5 seasons. The series follows the fate of the small company “Krone-Taxa” and its employees in relation to work and family. The company is struggling to avoid being acquired by the large company “City-Bilen”, which is otherwise in the process of acquiring the city’s small companies. The series takes place in the late 1990s. The series reflects the issues of the time, which is often expressed through the customers the company’s drivers meet. For example, crime, prostitution, abuse and xenophobia are the themes of the series. The dramas arise in earnest when the drivers themselves are drawn into the conflicts.

  • Director

    Anders Refn, Niels Arden Oplev, Kristoffer Nyholm, Morten Arnfred

  • Writer

    Stig Thorsboe, Søren Sveistrup, Anders Refn, Adam Price

  • Producer

    Sven Clausen

  • Produced by

    DR Drama

  • Original title


  • Format

    56 x 40 min.

  • Release

    1997 - 2000