Taxi is a long-running TV series that reflects the everyday lives of ordinary people. With a small taxi company as the starting point, everyone – young and old, successful and rejected – comes into focus.


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The fixed anchorpoint for the Taxi series is the dispatcher’s room where the switchboard operators try to maintain an overview of regular runs, difficult customers and the network of taxis around the clock.

This is where the complaints roll in and accounts are settled. It’s the boss’ office where strategy is prepared in order to ensure the survival of a small family business in an era when competition from the major operators is getting more and more intense. And it is the location of the workshops and the coffee room: the setting for frequent clashes between wilful bosses and cabbies who are a law upon themselves.

Life at the station clashes with life in the street. The old lady who forgets to pay, the groom who’s late for his weeding and needs the cabby as a witness, the little girl looking for her mum in the all-night bars, the refined lady from the posh suburbs who wants to be taken to the red light district with her secret lover, or the train driver whose train hit a child and now is in shock as he hails a cab.

The personal lives of the cabbies often clash with their jobs. The two sides of life intermingle. But should the characters poke their noses in – or keep their distance?

Each episode of Taxi includes development of the recurring characters’ stories as well as the separate one-off customer tales. Taxi is a family viewing – though not for the very young.

Directors Anders Refn, Kristoffer Nyholm, Morten Arnfred a.o.
Producer Sven Clausen
Produced by DR
Duration 56 x 40 min.
Year of Production 1997-2000
Original Title Taxa