Taming the Quantum World


When computers take a quantum leap: the future of global information technology


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Taming the Quantum World

Taming the Quantum World

In recent years physicists have been developing a new type of computer; the quantum computer. It will revolutionize computer technology by harnessing the mysterious quantum physics.

Quantum computers will be able to generate virtual realities that could become a vehicle for addressing critical issues such as global warming and what the ultimate fate of the universe will be.

The quantum computer utilizes the strange quantum phenomena superposition and entanglement. These are phenomena that Danish physicist Niels Bohr discussed with Albert Einstein with much fervour.

But even for those two these phenomena were hard to grasp – because quantum physics flies in the face of common sense.

Director Lars Becker-Larsen
Producer Gitte Randløv
Produced by Masto Media for DR in ass. with SVT, NRK, YLE & RUV
Duration 60 min.
Year of Production 2013