The Surrogate Scam

Imagine finding a surrogate mother willing to give birth to your child – only to find out that it’s all one big scam! This investigative documentary takes a closer look into surrogacy arrangements in e.g. Peru, India and the USA.


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The Surrogate Scam

The Surrogate Scam

Childless couples make up a lucrative and sometimes illegal market. Surrogacy is banned in most European countries. Even so, a growing number of childless couples cross boarders and pay women from Third World countries to carry and deliver a child. The baby is taken away from the surrogate mother a few hours after being born.

This investigative documentary digs into an industry of hope, despair – and cynical middlemen. The search takes us through various countries such as Peru, India, England and USA.

In Peru two childless couples visit two local women whom they met on the internet. For 15,000 dollars the women accept being inseminated and they both become pregnant. Back home the excited couples receive letters, photos and scans. However, when the babies are due, the surrogate mothers never show up. The reporters travel to Peru to find out what happened. It all turns out to be fraud, but were the women ever pregnant? And if so – where are the babies? Were they sold on the black market?

Directors & Producers Mette Frisk & Søren Klovborg
Produced by DR
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2008
Original Title Rugemødre